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In New York City, the police officers call 42nd Street "the Deuce."

It's where all the action happens — the good and the bad, the beautiful and the gritty, the big lights and the dark alleys. But for NYPD cop Tony Cavalucci, the Deuce is turning into a midnight shift of drunken brawls, jewel thieves, and gang wars. Ready to fight the perps roaming the streets, Tony didn't realize he'd also have to fight for his own innocence.

Night after night, the vice and violence wear on him. After an injury puts his partner in the hospital, Tony gets a new partner — never good news for a cop. But the shift must go on. Can Tony trust his new partner in these dark nights of urban stress? Or will the streets claim Tony as their next victim?

Writing with grit and authenticity, F.P. Lione brings to life the struggle of one rugged cop.